Travelling for over 13 hours by plane is always difficult.  When financially possible I always try to upgrade for flights over 4 ½ or 5 hours.  For this flight I found a deal on Air Canada’s premium economy seats which gives you more leg room, extra baggage allowance and quicker boarding.  I’m always hopefull on the day of check-in that I can upgrade to business class which gives you the pods that fold out into bed.  Air Canada wanted over $1300 for a one way upgrade for this flight which amazes me given how many empty seats there were in this section.  Well I didn’t get a pod! 

Air Canada 777 Pod Seat

PRO TIP – A dr friend of mine suggested that I always take a baby aspirin to help blood circulation before long flights.  Talk to your Dr to see what they might suggest for you.

PRO TIP – Premium economy upgrades do not get you access to the Air Canada lounge.  I didn’t discover this until my return flight.  In Canada I can access the lounge using my Amex Aeroplan card but this didn’t work in Tokyo

Jet Leg – to stay awake or not?  Long flights, different time zones – what’s the answer?  I think it’s different for every persona and on every trip.  I only slept briefly on my f13 hour flight to Tokyo.  We arrived at night local time and my 9pm I was done.  While I was able to fall asleep quickly it only lasted 3 hours.  The following night I was falling asleep at dinner (around 9pm).  With the help of an over the counter sleeping aid I managed 6 hours of sleep on the second night and was fully adapted by the 3rd night.